Fast&Up Charge Vitamin C & Zinc

Fast&Up Charge – Vitamin C – Zinc – Natural Amla Extract – Antioxidants – Immunity – skin care – family pack – 60 Effervescent Tablets – Orange Flavor

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Fast & Up Charge is an all-natural vitamin C supplement that supplies immune-boosting ingredients such as 1000mg of natural amla extract and 10mg of zinc that help boost immune activity, support a strong immune response and increase resistance to immune challenges. It is a well-known fact that vitamin C is vital for maintaining daily immunity. The Fast & Up Charge supplement offers natural vitamin C derived from Amla extract which is a well-known natural and rich source of vitamin C with natural antioxidant properties.

Zinc is important for the body in many ways and helps maintain the immune system. The presence of zinc in vitamin C supplements helps to fight infections more effectively. Our immune system cannot function without zinc. Our immune system decides how healthy or unhealthy we are and therefore must be fast and efficient. Fast & Up Charge, available in the form of effervescent tablets, is made with premium effervescent technology that offers faster absorption and action without any gastrointestinal (GI) problems. This natural and highly bioavailable effervescent vitamin C supplement is available in orange flavor and works faster and better than any other traditional pill.

  • MADE TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY: Fast&Up Charge is India’s first natural effervescent Vitamin C daily food supplement (the body cannot produce Vitamin C) that’s formulated to boost your immunity.
  • DUAL ACTION OF VITAMIN C AND ZINC: Fast&Up Charge has the dual power of 1000mg Natural Amla extract and 10mg Zinc. Vitamin C with Zinc is better absorbed in body. It provides powerful antioxidant protection. Helps to maintain normal immune system activity during and after intensive physical activity.
  • NEW LOOK: Fast&Up Charge in an all new packaging is available in stores. We hope that our new look will help you identify the product that’s right for you! Due to its natural extract from Amla, the taste may vary but we assure you the best quality and nutrition for your daily health.
  • DROP – FIZZ – DRINK: Drop 1 effervescent tablet in 250 ml of water, Wait till it dissolves completely and the drink is ready to be consumed. Fast&Up Charge is diabetic friendly and can be consumed by anyone daily for best results. We recommend not to consume on an empty stomach.
  • THE BETTER NUTRITION: Effervescent format of Fast&Up helps increase hydration, it is gentle on stomach and fast acting in nature. Another feature of effervescent format is that it is a great choice for those who find it difficult to swallow tablets.