eCraftIndia Brass Gramophone Showpiece

eCraftIndia Brass Gramophone Showpiece, 4″x4″x9.5″, Multicolour, 1 Piece. Music is for the soul, they say, and the quality of retro never goes wrong when it comes to music. eCraftIndia’s Gramophone showpiece with a solid wooden base is the perfect inclusion in a music lover’s living room. With its beautiful brass sheen and hand-carved intricacies, this item gleams in a certain illumination of its own, wherever you place it.

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eCraftIndia Brass Gramophone Showpiece, 4″x4″x9.5″


A gramophone, like a cassette player, CD player, or MP3 player, is a device for playing music. A gramophone plays records: discs with grooves that are amplified by a needle. It’s a relic today, but at one time this turntable device was the chief means by which recorded music made its way to the ears of home listeners.

Strong and Durable

The product is made of a highly strong and durable material making it a member of your house for years to come. The good quality of the material provides protection against easy breakage of the product.

  • Product Size (LxWxH) – 4″x4″x9.5″
  • Package Content – One Unit Brass Antique Music Decorative Canon Showpiece
  • Material – Brass ; Color – Red and Brown
  • Care Instruction – Don’t wash, use dry/wet cotton cloth to remove dirt.